Total departmental sales in the Housewares Department were $513000.00. A salesperson made 14% of the total departmental sales of that month and earns 6.5% commission on his sales. Find the dollar amount of commission.a. $33345.00b. $4691.95c. $4668.30d. $71820.00e. $4683.19f. None of the above.

Accepted Solution

Answer: c. Β $4668.30Explanation:Given:Sales = $513000Sales made by an individual = 14% of $513000Sales made by an individual = [tex]\frac{14}{100}\times 513000[/tex]Sales made by an individual = $71280Commission made on this sales = 6.5% of Β $71280Commission made on this sales = [tex]\frac{6.5}{100}\times 71280[/tex]Commission made on this sales = $4668.30